Building Guide Questionnaire

We have carefully compiled some simple steps to help you along the way and give you the confident start you may need to help you build your home.

Simply follow our step by step guide on specific features you would like to include in your home, these may be indoor outdoor flow, easy maintenance, number of bedrooms, an office, the options are limitless.

  1. How many people is your home going to accommodate?
  2. Do you work from home, need an office or study?
  3. Will you have family or friends stay on a regular basis?
  4. Are light open spaces important to you?
  5. Do you prefer open plan living or separate living areas?
  6. Do you prefer a separate toilet from your main bathroom?
  7. Would you like a walk in wardrobe?
  8. Would you like extra shelving in all the wardrobe spaces?
  9. How much storage is needed?
  10. Do you need a garage with internal access?
  11. What type of heating do you prefer and where would you prefer the heating to be placed?
  12. What kind of windows and doors do you like? Bifolds, French doors, sliders, awning windows, casement or double hung sliders?
  13. What kind of water heating would you prefer? Gas, electric, solar, wetback?
  14. What kind of cooking would you prefer? Gas, electric, range?
  15. Is energy efficiency highly important to you?
  16. Is sunlight important?  You may like to spend some time carefully planning where on your section the sun will be at certain times of the day in your home.
  17. What type of cladding do you prefer? Low maintenance, paint finish weatherboard, brick, plaster, shadow clad?
  18. What type of roofing appeals to you? Long run corrugated iron, ribbed iron, tiles?
  19. What type of roof structure do you prefer? Hips or gables or a mixture of both, or splay roof design. Please note: in most cases most roof lines can be altered to suit the floor plan you desire.

Printable Questionnaire

Download Grid Plan

Options Are Limitless

The options are limitless when it comes to building your home, if you have any questions in regards to this we are more than happy to help you from start to finish.  We know there are so many choices that can make decision making stressful and confusing, some of our experience and knowledge may help make decision making easier and more pleasurable for you.

Once you have answered your questionnaire you may now have a better picture at what you are looking for in a home. You may like to take the time and have a play around with one of our grid plans. By using each square as 1 square metre you are able to keep track of the size of each room and overall size of your home.

You may also like one of our designs but wish to change a few things to suit your needs; the grid may help you in doing so.

HINT: Print out a few extra copies of the grid plan, so you have plenty to work with along the way.

Here are some basic standard sizes to give you a rough idea as to how to go about laying out your home on the grid page provided (Please note: these are just a rough guide Coulson family Homes Ltd can fine tune these to suit).

  • Standard hallway - 1metre square wide.
  • Standard bedrooms - From 3x3 metre square.
  • Master bedrooms-From 4x5 metre square.
  • Bathroom-From 2.5x3 metre square.
  • Walk in Wardrobe-From 1.5x2 metre square.
  • Standard double garage-From 6x6 metre square.
  • Living areas-Can be of any size to suit your requirements.

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