Coulson Family Homes Building Process

Step 1: Personal Consultation

Call us and we will arrange a time that conveniently fits in with your schedule or simply pop into our office. Bring all the information relevant to your build for example; section information (we are more than happy to undertake a free site visit to your section), house plans/sketches that you may already have, or of course you may be interested in one of our home design range.

We will discuss your ideas and dreams, then work alongside you to achieve your desired outcome. If you have a budget in mind right from the start, we are more than happy to work with you to keep within the confines of this. Be sure that if you have not built before, we will not mislead you and will give you a clear understanding of the end costs with your newly built home. Working within a budget is the first key ingredient to a successful, enjoyable build.

Step 2: Concept Designs

We will put together some concept 3D imaging and a floor plan based on the ideas of your new home which may be your own idea or one of our great designs. You are more than welcome to change around one of our designs to suit your own needs in a home. We will then gather some information from you in regards to things like what type of cladding, roofing, etc you would like your building estimate based on. This will enable us to be as accurate as possible for you in regards to the building estimate that we present to you.

Step 3: Council Permitted Working Drawings

Once the final concept designs are signed off by you, it is time to really get moving and bring your dreams together. Coulson family Homes will require a small deposit before your final working drawings are commenced. This amount will be deducted from the full fixed build contract price when the final payment is made once the council code of compliance is complete and the final home handover is done.

Step 4: Completion of working drawings

We will then sit down with you and work through the completed drawings to double check you are completely satisfied with them. Coulson family Homes will then prepare a full fixed price Master builders contract for you. Your contract will include staged payments during the building process. Once you are happy and the contract is signed, we will then require a deposit before the full set of working drawings are processed through your local council to gain building consent.

Step 5: Commencement of the Building Process

Coulson family Homes will then begin the process of constructing your dream home. You will be kept up to date with regular emails about the progress of your home being built and are most welcome to make site visits with the Coulson Family homes team.

Step 6: Completion

With the construction of your home being completed and the council code of compliance obtained, Coulson family homes will give your finished home one last thorough going over to check we are happy with the quality of the home. We are a team who are committed to quality so this we feel is a very essential part in your building process to ensure each and every thing is completed with the highest standard possible and that nothing is overlooked.

You will be then invited to enter your new home at your leisure checking that you are 100% satisfied with your finished home before you are asked to sign off on the finished product and the final payment is made, then the magic moment arrives that the keys to your new home are handed over to you, all with your Master Builders guarantee.

Step 7: Enjoyment

It is time to move in and enjoy life in your new home which has been built very proudly by the team at Coulson Family Homes.

We offer a 6month maintenance period and we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have concerning your new home after its completion.

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